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Castlemead France is a gateway to Europe for businesses in the UK with subsidiaries and interests in France and the rest of the EU. It’s also a conduit for businesses in Europe looking to approach the UK market for capacity. 

Castlemead France offers a full suite of international agencies with leading insurers and has passporting rights across the EU. It’s regulated by Orias and is a member of the CNCEF.       

We’re also able to support our clients trading internationally through GBN membership, a network of independent brokers, insurers, reinsurers, legal professionals, and risk managers in over 150 countries.

Who is

Opened in 2022 in Compiègne near Paris, Castlemead France is the EU subsidiary of Castlemead Insurance Brokers, based in the South-West of England, which was established in 1987 to provide businesses with a professional advice-based approach to insurance and risk management. Thirty years later, Castlemead is still an independent, owner-managed broker business.

From its early days, Castlemead has had international ambitions, insuring logistics contractors and manufacturing businesses across Europe. Post-Brexit, it was clear Castlemead would need a home in France to continue working in the EU.

While our ability to work across borders in Europe and the world is unusual for an independent broker our size, we’re able to offer real flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

Find out more about Castlemead Insurance Brokers at www.castlemead.com


Jean-George Nanot Director

Castlemead France is headed up by Jean-Georges Nanot, a successful broker and risk manager, who’s worked in international insurance businesses for the last 25 years. Through his experience of various sectors, Jean-Georges has extensive expertise in risk transfer and risk prevention across a wide range of industries. These include E-commerce, recycling, pharmaceuticals, management consulting, and automotive. His expertise is especially relevant at a time of increased insurance budgets and reduced insurance capacity.

Richard Ingleby ACII Managing Director

Richard believes that to provide first-class insurance broking service, you need to gain a deep understanding of a client’s business. From the markets they operate in to the contractual terms they have with clients and suppliers – it all impacts on insurance and risk management.

The clients Richard works with cover a wide range of industries including aerospace, construction, information technology, transportation and retail. Richard qualified as an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute in 2005, and became Castlemead’s Managing Director in 2006.

Richard is based predominantly in the UK but travels regularly to Europe to meet with clients.

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Bristol office:
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France office:
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